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Kempner City Hall

12288 E. Hwy 190

P.O. Box 660

Kempner, Texas 76539

Phone: 512.932.2180

Fax: 512.932.3124

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12288 E. Hwy 190

P.O. Box 660

Kempner, Texas 76539

Phone: 512.932.2180 

“A community of rural living and traditional family values”


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Fax: 512.932.3124

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911 Ordinance

Alcoholic Beverage Ordinance

Animal Control

Application For Fair

Bandstand Application

Bandstand Use Policy

Brake Ordinance

Building Code Ordinance

Building Permit Ordinance

Burn Ordinance

Burn Policy

Dangerous Building Ordinance

Derelict & Abandoned Vehicle Ordinance

Emergency Services Fee Ordinance

Fireworks Ordinance

Game Room and Amusement Machine Redemption

Garage & Continuous Sale Ordinance

Garage Sale Application

Municipal Court Fees

Municipal Court Technology Fund Fee Ordinance

No Smoking

Noise Ordinance

Nuisance,Weed. Trash etc. Ordinance

Park Ordinance

Parking Ordinance

Permit Application for Vendors

Public Information Fees

Racial Profiling Ordinance

Reinvestment Zone for Tax Abatement

Tax Abatement Policy

Sexually Oriented Business

Sign Ordinance

Speed Zone Ordinance

Subdivision Ordinance

Vendor property owner approval  Exhibit A

Kempner City Ordinances


This Code of Ordinances is deemed mostly accurate. The City  provides these documents for informational purposes only. This Code of Ordinances that appear on this site may not reflect the most current Ordinance adopted by the City. These documents should not be relied upon as the definitive authority for City Ordinance. Additionally, the pagination and formatting of these documents may vary from the pagination and formatting of the official copy. Prior to taking any action, an official printed copy of a Code of Ordinances should be consulted.


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